Former Viber, Riot Games and Omnicom crew’s “gamified” messaging platform featured in Google Firestore Announcement.

Limassol, Cyprus & Cupertino, CA — Oct 4, 2017 

Whipper was invited by Google to join the Cloud Firestore Alpha program, and with the launch of the public beta we’re excited to be able to come clean and share our involvement.

Today we’re excited to confirm our participation with Google’s Cloud product “Firestore,” a fully-managed NoSQL document database for mobile and web app development. It’s designed to easily store and sync app data at global scale, and it’s now available in beta. “Whipper has been leveraging Firebase/Firestore in some pretty innovative and exciting ways since very early in our development process,” remarked CTO Romans Bermans.

“Google’s Firestore team has been watching our development progress closely as we are really pushing the envelope with Firebase and Whipper is a very content rich offering that is visually effective in showcasing the best of Firestore at their Firebase Dev Summit, 31st of October” added Whipper’s CPO, David McKinley. “One of our slogans is “Every day is Halloween at Whipper, so that’s perfect timing for the Summit.”

Along with Whipper, Trivago, CNN, Shazam, and the +$3B valuated Home and Away travel site are also listed as early, strategic Firestore adoptees.

The Company develops an immersive and highly irreverent ‘Play and Chat’ messaging platform that empowers users to speak and interact with their friends as any character they want to be, real or imaginary. The technology involves proprietary Deep learning, speech, and audio processing elements.

Whipper is led by a founding team of Executives and Advisors who hail from Viber, Riot Games/Tencent, Netflix, NewsCorp, Swiftkey, Amazon, and Expedia.


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